Business Management

business budgeting

How to budget your money as an entrepreneur

November 20, 2019

Business budgeting A monthly budget lets you know where you stand with your finances so you can easily aim for where you want to be financially . Most budding entrepreneurs assume having a monthly budget is impossible because their income is unpredictable, however, this is untrue. Knowing where you stand financially is crucial for achieving […]

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How to build a business team

The diary of a Biznessvirgin- Build your dream team

February 22, 2019

  Its safe to say every entrepreneur has a dream ( or should have one) and when you have a dream , you need a team to build with you. In a case where you have no team , its either you are unable to build or you build really slow and never finish building. […]

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business mentorships

How to work with your mentor to achieve more

February 16, 2019

  Business mentorship provides you with a great opportunity to develop, mentorships do not necessarily have to be formal, you can have informal mentors; ones you learn from every now and then. Infact, It’s good to go through life with the consciousness that there’s something you can learn from everyone you meet. However, formal (structured) […]

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starting a business

The lean Canvas – Get a business plan in less than one hour

July 3, 2018

Lean canvas A lean canvas is used to create a 1 page business model which is used to replace elaborate business plans in lean startups. Business plans can be very important , however, In the early days of a start up business, business plans are not so useful,  they take very long to write and  […]

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Fashion style for Entrepreneurs

May 24, 2018

Fashion style for Entrepreneurs Because startup entrepreneurs have to take on many roles while building their companies on a shoe string budget, they sometimes end up with little or no time (and a limited budget) to attend to their style/fashion needs. Appearance makes a good part of business especially when you are still climbing up […]

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Pricing and costing in business

May 10, 2018

Business accounting COSTING Measuring costs is very essential in business; it can be used to plan and predict the future expenses of a company ; Costing can also be used to rate the efficiency of a company’s production process so that it is easy to detect when a business is performing below capacity. Costing is […]

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How to end a business year

November 17, 2017

How to end a business year In the course of the year, entrepreneurs can get consumed with loads of activities that it becomes difficult to keep track of all that’s happening; the end of the year being the time when most business activities wind down is a good time to pause, take stock, plan and […]

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The diary of a Biznessvirgin : Review – Hubspot CRM

September 26, 2017

I have not blogged in about a month and thats not because I have been busy; I have just been out of sync with almost everything. At some point, It all just kind of fell flat for me and I had to always make “super” extra effort to get anything done. I let go for […]

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How to build a team for your business

July 11, 2017

Alot of things compete for an entrepreneur’s time especially at the early stage of business ; its however important to make sure putting together the right team is top priority on your list as an entrepreneur. Building a business with the wrong set of people cause setbacks that can eventually pull down the business, select […]

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Selling Your Business? Stop Leaving Money on the Table

June 23, 2017

Key Highlights Current market conditions are prime for selling a business. The market is experiencing high multiples due to plentiful dry powder held by private equity firms, record amounts of cash held by strategic corporate buyers, a low interest rate environment, and high prices for publicly-traded equities. The time it takes to sell generally ranges […]

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