How to build a team for your business

Alot of things compete for an entrepreneur’s time especially at the early stage of business ; its however important to make sure putting together the right team is top priority on your list as an entrepreneur.

Building a business with the wrong set of people cause setbacks that can eventually pull down the business, select members of your team carefully , be thorough with the hiring process; its crucial to always hire for the right reasons.

Here are tips to guide entrepreneurs through the process of team building for business 
1) Have a strategic vision for your business ; have clear objectives on why you need a team and what you expect from each member of the team. This gives you a clear idea of what to look out for in a team that will work with you to bring your vision for the business to life
2) Startups are hardly ever the first choice for job applicants, the pay and job security is low compared to corporate institutions, this further narrows down the talent pool available for small businesses to hire from. Locate communities (online and offline) where potential members of your team hang out – social media, networking events, personal network…..This can help you easily find people with passion for what you do, such people can be easily trained to get the job done.
3) Clearly communicate your vision to team members, get them to buy into it . This draws commitment and builds passion in them to drive the vision. 
4) The aim should always be to build a single unit. Each individual on the team should be dedicated to not only accomplishing their own tasks but that of their team mates. Team members should be able to wear multiple hats and adapt to the ever dynamic nature of startups. Introduce them to online tools for better organization and efficient communication internally and externally. 
5) Team members should go beyond people on your payroll. Build your team to include people that provide you with support – advisory, investment , emotional (family and friends), vendors, customer network…..
6) Put together trainings and team bonding sessions for employees. Create a work environment that rewards creativity and nurtures resourcefulness .
how to build a team for business
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7) Do a thorough background check on social media/google search on individuals, you wish to include on your team. This gives you an insight on what kind of team player they will be. It lets you in on what their views on life might be as well as their character and moral conduct. Take this seriously as character/attitude is an important factor to consider when hiring as a startup.
8) Supervise and provide directions team members (employees) require for accomplishment of their tasks.
9) Show optimism, the kind of positive energy members of your team can draw from.
10) Be an exemplary leader, in character and excellence. 
11) Trust your instincts, if you don’t feel good about hiring a particular person on your team, don’t! 
So if a candidate has all it takes for the job role but you feel off about him or her, let the person go. You have to always be on the same page with members of your team.

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