The Diary of a Biznessvirgin : Practise

You are excited when you start a new business; people are excited for u, they cheer you on.

What then happens when the cheering stops and you have to deal with failed plans? Well ,so far , I have learnt to fail forward!

Times like these are for evaluating, assessing, becoming better and staying focused ; so except you can clearly sight a dead end, fail forward through practise. Yes, practise, Perfect practise they say makes perfect.

Personally, Failing forward means having enough hunger to drive your talent/ passion /idea/ purpose with perfect practise. That’s how I am learning to perfect the art of becoming the best version .

The crowd is gone, no one promised a smooth sail  so you need to keep moving, apply the attitude of perfect practise…. fail forward!

So It dint work the first 5 times?… If It’s a long term project, submit yourself to the process and practise your way to the finish line.


Yours Truly,

F.O (The Entrepreneur)

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