The Diary of a Biznessvirgin : Adapting….


Pamela Salant fell nearly 50 feet off a cliff, she had gotten lost while hiking with her boyfriend in Oregon; Alone in the forest with a fractured leg, she ate caterpillars,bugs, slugs and berries to stay alive. She covered herself with moss to keep warm. She couldn’t walk so she had to scoot for over a mile.

Nothing could have prepared Pamela Salant for such an experience, however, her will to live pushed her to do all she could to meet the demands of the environment she found herself.

After 3 nights, she was rescued.

As an entrepreneur,the ability to align oneself with the demands of the business environment in which one operates is golden.

For so long, i hid behind what I was good at because it made me comfortable but then I realized the resourcefulness and consistence I had couldn’t do much until I was able to plug it into the grit the business environment needed me to have. To maximize my potentials, It has became important for me to INTENTIONALLY weave my best self with the demands of the environment.

The ability to apply myself rightly multiplies when I fit my best self with the demands of my work environment just like Pamela Salant did when she needed to survive in the forest…


Yours Truly,

F.O (The Entrepreneur)

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