The diary of a Biznessvirgin : Becoming visible (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO google

SEO google

A major goal I had for one of my businesses this year was to work on visibility especially on search engines; This for me meant working on search engine optimization for the website.


Fortunately for me, sometime during in the year I met a guy called Supo who has years of experience working with 2 of the most successful Ecommerce companies in Nigeria, he has vast Knowledge in digital marketing.

SEO google

We became good friends and though I could not afford his services, he shared so much knowledge with me and recommended tips I was to consistently apply on my own to achieve a good measure of the visibility I desired.

Its barely 3 months since I started implementing these tips, I have recorded 100% growth in website visits (organic), check ins, and though conversion rate has only slightly increased, we are currently working to improve on it.

Supo simplified the process of search engine optimization such that small businesses like mine can relate and apply it. Getting results from this process takes commitment, it takes time and consistency- usually up to 6 months to record significant results ( I had done a bit of work on SEO before i started working with Supo, however, his input literally multiplied the results i had been getting. Sharing as much as I can from Supo here, hope someone who’s working on search engine optimization for a website finds it useful.

  • Make use of tools like and google keyword planner to discover keywords with good search volumes.
  • Depending on your kind of business, always try to check for keyword search volumes within states and countries as relating to your audience.
  • Using keywords you discover, consistently develop (curate) content for the website/blog, optimize the content you put out on your website/ blog ; Try to make sure the content you develop can compete with the highest ranking content in that space ( in other words, your aim should be to put out content with better quality that the highest ranking one on search engines). When you discover keywords that come as questions be sure to include them on relevant pages across your website.
  • When optimizing content on your website / blog, be sure to include outbound and inbound links all the time.
  • Share links from your website / blog content on popular forums that are closely related with you do or where topics related to what you do is being discussed (across the internet, use tools like to discover popular forums as well as the best posts to share on).
  • Use inbound links a lot within your website or blog content.
  • Register your business with local directories within the country you live in.
  • Do a detailed registration of your business on google places.
  • Approach other entrepreneurs targeting the same audience as you ( they don’t have to be doing the same business as you but they should appeal to an audience similar to one you are trying to reach) , cross promote across each other’s platforms in the online space.
  • Consistently put out relevant content on your website / blog, make sure it is optimized.
  • If you run an ecommerce website, you should optimize product pages as well as blog posts.
  • A few important tools for SEO –,, google keyword planner, google analytics


Initially, doing all of this seemed like a lot of work so a created a daily time table for consistency. Google analytics for the intended website as well as feedback from the targeted audience show the growth impact of applying these tips; I know its good time to engage Supo professionally so I am currently working on that.

According to Supo what made applying these tips easy was the fact that I knew a lot about my business, he (Supo) will be available for a while on the blog for free digital marketing consulting, click the chatbox on the lower right corner of the blog to reach him.


I hope this sparks up the growth your business needs…..


Yours truly,

F.O (The Entrepreneur)

P.S – Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth – 3 John 2 (KJV)

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SEO google

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