Define your business 6 – Revenue streams

gross profit in business
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The sole aim of every business is to make profit.
This exercise is to enable you understand how your business makes money from offering its value proposition(s) to the customer segment(s)
list out your revenue streams (revenue streams are the various sources of income within your business) , connect them to the customer segment(s) you offer the value propositions to (be sure to transfer this to the business model canvas as all of this sections of the business model must come together at the end of the “define your business workshop”)

At the end of this exercise,you should know the customer segment(s) and value proposition(s) that make you the most money, what customer segment(s)/value proposition(s) can make you more money.Generally you should have an understanding of how the value proposition(s) you offer bring money into your business and how you can introduce or add relevant value to drive in more income.
it should also help you identify the customer segment(s) and value proposition(s) to pay attention to increase revenue

There are just 4 more aspects to treat in this workshop series,at the end of it, you should have a business model that guides how you operate your business.

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