Work life balance in business

finding balance in business
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Running a micro,small or medium scale enterprise (MSME) can be daunting and demanding.With bills to pay and responsibilities to take care of, maintaining a work life balance may seem impossible. However, business owners need to remember that the overall performance of their businesses is dependent on their mental and physical health as well as that of their workers.
 Though it may seem impossible to achieve a perfect balance, you should strive for a healthy one.
Here are a few tips

– Prioritize; understand and determine the aspects of your personal and professional life that are important and of great value to you.In a bid to achieve a healthy work life balance you will need to focus on just the things that really matter without putting yourself on a guilt trip.

-Delegate; this is very important for sanity, most MSME owners find it really difficult to do this,some times because they can not afford it financially and other times because they just can not let go. Look through your to-do list, set out to do the pivotal, delegate some or all that’s left. Learn to seek help, there are online business tools that can help with administrative work (find a few here ).

-Take care of yourself (body,spirit and soul) ,make time for yourself ;exercise,socialize,protect your private time so you do not get overwhelmed and burnt out.

– Take breaks; this is very essential for mind clarity and creative growth. These can be in form of short breaks during work hours , a staycation or a mini vacation .Taking short /long breaks from work refreshes and re-invigorates your mind.It enhances overall productivity

– Build a support system ; family and friends for emotional support, personal relationships and networks for advice and support , networks within the work space……

– Maintain boundaries,understand and let your employees and clients understand that you can not be available 24 hours a day to attend to work,make them stick to this rule. Stay away from your office phone ,emails or any form of technology when you are trying to spend time with family and friends

– Pace yourself, set realistic goals per time, allow yourself soak up and enjoy the journey of entrepreneurship in its entirety .

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