Define your business(7)- Key activities

Its important to identify the vital aspects your business requires to deliver its value propositions as well as make other operations within the business work.
This varies for different businesses ; it might involve understanding the users of your products so you can constantly improve on it, providing  a reliable maintenance service,providing exceptional expertise,creating new products or procuring the right kind of products.

productivity in business
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At the end of this exercise,you should have a list of key activities that drive your business

 ; analyse how these activities affect your business,determine which activities are fundamental to your business and those that are not. carefully think this through as you fill your list into your business model canvas.

Rightly identifying your key activities in business,helps you allocate your resources appropriately to achieve maximum results.

There are 3 more aspects to treat in this workshop series,at the end of it,you should have a business model that guides how you operate your business.

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