Tips for effective leadership in business

  As an entrepreneur ,Its important to know that the quality of your work is highly dependent on the quality of your leadership.No matter how strong or skillful you are in business,you cannot do the work alone,you need people to work with you and for you.

In my country , Nigeria, MSMEs (micro,small and medium enterprise) employ over 59 million people,this constitutes about 84 percent of the total work force in the country; in this case however, it is safe to say the productivity of the nation is highly dependent on the quality of business leaders.

Leadership goes way beyond hauling out instructions ,even when strategies are put together,you need to understand how you work with people to bring these strategies to life.

leadership in business
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Here are a few tips on how to lead effectively in business

1) Come up with a strategic vision for the company.
2) Clearly communicate the vision to employees.
3) Device ways to motivate and inspire employees to be dedicated to the company.
4) Supervise and provide direction to accomplish company vision.
5) Train employees to achieve to company tasks.
6) Be an exemplary leader ; in character and excellence. Lead by example.
7) Show optimism; its important your employees are able to draw strength and confidence in your business from you.

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