Effective Content marketing for startups and small businesses (2)

This is a follow up post on effective content marketing for startups and small businesses (1) ,it will discuss benefits and share online tools that can be used in content marketing.

tools for content marketing
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Benefits of effective content marketing
– When done consistently ,content marketing allows your target audience see your business name ,become familiar with it, such your business comes to mind next time they require your kind of product/service

-Content marketing allows your business demonstrate expertise;this builds confidence in your target audience that you have the capacity to do the job,it lets you earn a reputation of trust with your target audience.

-Providing information your target audience can relate to can as well serve as motivation to try your product/service. Empowering consumers with information that guide them as buyers will in turn create more sales.

-Serving your target audience with consistent fresh information on relatable topics can in turn drive traffic to your website. This makes your company more visible in the online space. Content marketing boosts online marketing efforts.

– With more consumers today relying on the internet for information they need to make decisions; keeping your website and social media platform fresh with valuable information is important.It allows new customers locate you and gives returning visitors to your website a better experience.

Here are a few online tools you can research,they can help small businesses with content marketing

– Hootsuite
– Commun.it
– Snip.ly
– Hashtagify
– Drumup
-Google analytics
-Wordpress plugin Yoast SEO

Learn more about some of these tools here https://biznessvirgins.blogspot.com.ng/2016/05/business-tool-2.html

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