Practical steps for personal effectiveness as an entrepreneur (2)

Here is the follow up and concluding post on personal effectiveness in business

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-Organise your tasks ,get rid of distraction.

-Review your list of tasks regularly (daily,weekly…) to determine progress and distractions,this allows you know if you are making progress and/or focusing on the right things.It also helps you determine how to be better.

-Take care of yourself (body,spirit and soul)

-Always prepare for business meetings,go into every business meeting with an idea of what you are out to accomplish.

-prepare adequately for business meetings, read up and do background checks before, go in meetings with clarity of purpose and direction. Decide on the impact you want to have on your audience during the meeting.

-After meetings be sure to get feedback ; ask to know if you got your point across,find out how you can do it better in the future,Get people to make commitments to issues discussed .

-Have an action plan at the end of the meeting.

– Learn to say no to requests that take your off course.

-Be present in every moment/interaction/task

-Instead of judging situations as good or bad , simply determine whether they are helpful or not helpful.

– Try not to do the work you have assigned to your subordinates (except you really have to) leaving your own work undone ; instead empower your subordinates to handle their responsibilities and understand situations that are beyond their control. This way,when they come to you with situations ,they can articulate it ,they know the implications and are not confused. This makes your work alot easier.

-Accept your reality,come to terms with your situation.Determine the best outcome you can work out.

Personal effectiveness is a bedrock for success ,hope these practical steps make a difference.

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