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Business diary

In 2017, i learnt to become effective with my tasks, i always got everything that mattered done in good quality time, However, recently, this has been a struggle.

After reviewing my performance in the first quarter of 2018, i realized i was not getting much done ; i delegate more now (this works really well for me) so i can get ample time to handle really important tasks but somehow am not even able to complete my regular tasks anymore….was trying struggling with this when I had a conversation with a dear friend, Femi .

Femi and I got talking about how there are processes to attaining certain heights in life and that these processes take time. During our discussion, he made a statement that hit me hard, He said, “hmmm, while we must be patient, we must never get too comfortable, that can be really dangerous”; this was a light bulb 💡💡💡moment for me !!! With this one statement, my friend simplified my issues and proffered solution .

business diary
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It was in that moment i realized that truly , i had become laid back. I was so patient following processes that i had become comfortable taking so much time to complete tasks.  Immediately, I spotted changes i made that needed to be adjusted and i will like to share

1) I stopped writing weekly/ daily to do lists and when i did i hardly referred to or updated them; this meant most times my work was either half done or not touched at all.

2) I began to procrastinate more so again many things were left undone.

3) I was spending more time with friends and i had not found a way to balance out that playtime with worktime so when it was time to work i was exhausted from play.

4) I watched less of my favorite TV shows; din’t realize how much these TV shows impacted me . I always it assumed it was just TV but now i see most of these shows keep me excited, inspired and help me develop in mental capacity and knowledge/information .These TV shows include Shark Tank, Dragons’ Den, Would I Lie to You?, The Graham Norton Show, Chopped, Pointless, QI….. Now TV time is just as important to me ( F.Y.I – TV does not have to be important to you, basically depends on what rocks your boat).

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My new note to self and other entrepreneurs who get to read this is simple and straight forward

– Its important to be patient and thorough in business so you don’t end up a mediocre, however, you must never get so patient you become laid back and stuck in a position for longer than is necessary.  In other words ,too much patience can get you too comfortable and when you get too comfortable, you get stuck in a position for too long.

One thing i love about writing diaries of a Biznessvirgin is that it helps me discover more about myself ;i hope it helps you the same way. In the end, its all about growth – Personal, Financial, Business, Spiritual, Emotional……


Yours Truly,
F.O (The Entrepreneur)

P.S – For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.- Philippians 2:13

Business diary

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