The diary of a Biznessvirgin : Tips to start your business right this year…

Happy new year all!
I am super excited about 2017 ,i hope you all are.

Before business activities get in full gear, It’s important to decide how you will be doing business this year.

 Look back at where you have been,where you are and on to where you want to be.
Choose what to improve, continue or probably stop doing, it’s important to go through the year consciously.
tips to start a business year
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Here’s a new year routine to help you get your business off to a good start

1) Review your financials; this will help you determine how well your business is doing or not doing…Take a close look at your financial records and ask yourself these questions 

– is my business making profit or loss
– is my cash flow positive or negative
– do I have loans within the business to repay

2) Review your business operations

How have you been delivering goods/services to your customers/clients?
What can you do to improve on that?
How will your business serve customers/clients better this year?

3) Review your customer base, profile your existing customers, determine the ones that bring in the most income and the ones that can potentially bring in more; with this you can get more out of the market available to you.You are able to know what kind of customers you should be advertising more to,how you can provide more value and sell more to them.
4) Service your most vital equipment(s) ,put them in order.This can be a good way to reduce sudden breakdowns during the year.
5) Sort out your personal/ company taxes; so many opportunities these days are tied to taxes, it’s best to have it sorted so you don’t miss out on great opportunities.

6)  If you did not already do this at the end of the previous year – Create your vision for the year ahead (you can do this using a vision board); based on your vision, set goals, write down your action plan and ways you intend to implement these plans as you go through the year
In all, stay positive, keep an open mind and don’t start the year without a plan.
Feel free to share your new year routine …
Happy new year and Cheers to a great 2017 !!!

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