Business Pitch : Bright Wheel ( An all in one Classroom management and business tool)

Bright wheel

This Shark Tank pitch was unusually mellow; the exchange between entrepreneur and investor was clear and concise and i enjoyed watching all the way.

Here’s 5 things i picked from this entrepreneur’s ( Dave Vasen ) pitch presentation.

1)  He transformed a personal need into a business (Bright Wheel).

2) He spotted an opportunity in an industry he had experience working in.

3) His personalty – He presented himself as someone competent ; someone the investors could easily work with , his passion for the business absolutely shone through.

4) He sold his business as a validated business idea , he had proven the business concept (click link to read more about proof of concept )  – He developed an App, got a good number of users on it and was showing a healthy growth rate. He had created value in the business and he sold this value with clarity to the investors.

For me, this pitch is a practical lesson on how to prove a business concept/idea…

Watch , enjoy and feel free to share your own lessons from this pitch presentation….

bright wheel


Bright wheel

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