How to become a teenage entrepreneur…

It is never to early to become an entrepreneur, on the contrary , these days, people like to start up early.

A good number of young  (teenage) entrepreneurs ( as young as 11 years old) in the world today , make money from things they love to do.

So if you are a teenager excited about entrepreneurship without a clue on how to go about it,here are tips to guide you through the process.

–  Pick on something you have the talent and passion for , gain as much knowledge as you can about it, go after it .
Check out Mikaila Ulma,the 11 year old entrepreneur who holds a million dollar deal with whole foods

how to become a teenage entrepreneur
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– Be a problem solver / opportunity seeker , pick on ideas that provide solution to problems or present opportunities.

– Get a mentor, someone with sufficient knowledge and experience to guide you as you go along.
Check out 14 year old Moziah Bridges,Founder of Mo’s Bow

how to become a teenage entrepreneur

– Invest in self development, spend time improving yourself.

– Be fearless but sensible, be willing to explore your ideas, do not be afraid to fail; when you fail at something, make it an opportunity to learn and be better.
Check out Noa Mintz, 16 year old founder of a top child care agency.

how to become a teenage entrepreneur
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– Get your product or service out, always find ways to connect with your consumers, listen closely to them for feedback.

– Be credible and professional. Make sure the product or service you put out there delivers on its promise.
Check out 17 year old George Matus, the brain behind Teal, a commercial drone company

how to become a teenage entrepreneur
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– Be accountable for every resource (time,money….) available to you, do not use up resources without being able to account for them.

– Bookkeeping ,get a basic knowledge of bookkeeping so you can understand how businesses make money.
Check out Super business girl, Asia Newson , 13 year old Detroit entrepreneur

how to become a teenage entrepreneur
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– Always remember to have fun, make out time to enjoy the things you love.

Being a kid or teenager should not stop you achieving your entrepreneurial dreams, go for it!

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