The diary of a Biznessvirgin : How to read and finish reading books

How to read books

How to read books

how to read book


– I asked a friend that reads for support.

– Watched loads of sermons, interviews and Tedtalk videos on YouTube ( to stir up a hunger for knowledge and information).

– Practiced speed reading to improve my reading speed.

– Stopped borrowing books and started buying, that way I buy books I have real interest in instead of just reading what others are reading. You can start with buying the not so expensive books ; bought the 4 books in the picture online for less than 9000 Naira (delivery inclusive) from laterna and CIBN bookstores.

– Always read the 1st and last chapter before going back to read the entire book ( to wet my appetite).

– Tried so many times, kept failing but continued trying till I found my interests.

Please feel free to share your own tips….


Yours Truly,

F.O (The Entrepreneur)


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