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Here are a couple of screenshots from a Grace for purpose video. Grace for purpose is a Youtube channel i am loving at the moment . This particular video has Dr Cindy Trimm speaking on the power of thoughts and spoken words. This is something i will be practicing alot in 2019. its simply about Shaping your thoughts by meditating on the right (positive) things. Then consciously speaking only positive things about yourself and situation. Click this link, to watch the entire video (17 minutes) if you can – the concept is amazing .

Find Some of personal notes from the video below….



I intend to read alot more this year. Learnt an easy way to read to do this – Listen, Read  then Write. Listen to lots of Youtube Sermons (or intellectual content, not just random stuff) . Overtime , this creates an appetite for knowledge and information, which you can only get by reading . The ripple effect is , you are able to articulate words better so writing becomes easier.

This helped me go from reading a book for months to finishing 4 books in a month. If you get to try this out , let’s know if it worked for you.

One thing i look forward to this year is becoming an expert at a skill. Penned down 3 skills, yet to decide which to really focus on.

Few days ago, i got really excited and posted my health and fitness goals for 2019 on instagram . A close friend who saw it sent me a DM immediately, she wanted to know why i was taking a mammogram at my age. She said women below 45 mostly need just a breast check not a mammogram to check for lumps . At that point, i realized i was not informed enough to be talking mammograms to myself or anyone till i spoke to a professional . I took down the post.

So there goes my first lesson of the year – At every point in time, be sure to Intentionally go after knowledge and information that’s RELEVANT/ IMPORTANT to you.

Super excited about 2019 already !!! Are you?

What’s the year 2019 looking like over at your end?


Yours Truly,

F.O (THE Entrepreneur).

P.S – Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails. – Proverbs 19:21













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