Tools for business growth

Business Tools

There are many free business tools available online for entrepreneurs , these tools simplify the process of organizing business activities such that levels of efficiency and productivity can be increased.
To avoid the confusion that comes with choosing the right tools for your business, here are factors to consider
– Your business goals/vision.
–  Current challenges faced within your business
– what your business lacks or requires


Below is a list of online business tools to help your business grow bigger and faster

1) Google my business : Businesses can create a free profile on google search engine with google my business. The business profile on google my business comes up when there’s a search for your business on the google search engine. It can also improve your business ranking on google.

2) Google analytics – This is a way to measure your digital marketing efforts . It involves monitoring and analysing how your audience interacts with your website so you can suit your marketing plan to achieve more positive results.

3) Wave : This is a great bookkeeping tool for small businesses.It can be used to keep financial records within the business with the option of generating invoices for transactions amidst other features.

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4) Evernote : This is one of my best tools. I use it to keep track of thoughts,organize my schedule and take notes. It has great features that allow you to store information from the internet,share notes with friends plus you can sync it with your devices so you have access to it anywhere and at anytime.

5) Canva – If you need to create smart , quick and visually appealing  graphic designs for your business, you can use templates from canva to make it happen on a “no or low” budget.

6) WordPress / blogger – Blogging is a cost effective way small businesses can invest in digital marketing and its mostly free to operate. Using wordpress /blogger ,you can create a blog that makes your website/business more visible in the digital space.

7) Mailchimp – You can create and send bulk emails to a contact list using the mailchimp platform. They have templates to make the process even easier. They also features for personalization and analytics (among others) that let you check the performance of every email you send out.

8) Skype – Skype is an internet calling service used to set up video conference calls between computers/mobile devices across various locations of the world. It can be used for client meetings as well as employee updates.Skype is a way to make sure distance is no longer a barrier for personal connection in the business world .

9) Google keyword planner – Its probably because i have set digital marketing goals for my businesses this year but I am a bit obsessed with this tool at the moment. Digital marketing is a pathway for growth in the online era so if you are running your startup /small business on a shoe string budget, i recommend you take time out to understand digital marketing.The google keyword planner helps you identify keywords with which people search around your kind of business/area of interest on google, it also lets you gauge how competitive these words are on the google search engine as well as how many people searching for them.

10) hootsuite – This is a social media management tool; with it you are able to manage your various social media profiles from one dashboard. It saves you the time and stress of putting out posts on various social media platforms one at a time. With hootsuite,you can do it all at once as well as pre schedule post. This tool can be used to measure social media performance and to track social media engagements.

Will share more tools within the next few weeks, ones that can be used by employees within your company to work better as a team. To find out more about these tools ,simply click on the links.

Business tools

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