The diary of Biznessvirgin : Dear Entrepreneurs, build your network…

The moment i chose to see life as a journey it became “sweeter”. I started to make an extra conscious effort to be present in every moment; I began to appreciate the very simple things. This in turn made me see how people have defined my journey so far . I have come to realize that the value of people to your business is mostly dependent on how well you are able to nurture and invest in the relationships you have with them

In life and business, developing the RIGHT network forms a part of my growth process and i own a part to play in strengthening the networks i build.

business network
Here’s 3 things i do to build my network
– Consciously nurture and invest in (the right) relationships.
– Never burn bridges.
– Hold someone’s hand as I go along.
I leave your with this  – “Your network is your net worth”
Yours Truly,
F.O ( The Entrepreneur)

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