The diary of a Biznessvirgin : Dear New Born Entrepreneur …

 So many insecurities come with leaving a 9-5 Job to become an entrepreneur ; The challenges faced doing 9-5 jobs are quite different from what is faced running a business.
I’ve never had to make this switch so i cannot say i know all it takes to , however, recently i got the opportunity to provide close guidance to someone who choose to walk that path .

I have done this a couple of times but this case is different. I was absolutely involved in setting up the business . This “new born” entrepreneur set out to draw as much as possible from the experience i had and her attitude made sharing so easy . Watching her transform into an entrepreneur has been worthwhile .I set out to teach and ended up learning alot from her .

By her 2nd month in business,she broke even ,reinvested capital and her books are looking very good already.

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Here are few lessons i have picked so far from working closely with this “new born” entrepreneur
1) She picked a mentor she could access regularly , one that could identify with her struggles.
She knew i had experience and knowledge, she knew she could easily reach me for advice, she knew i could relate to whatever challenges she was facing or about to face in business and so she choose me to guide her through the process.

2) She always comes ready to do the job,when resign from the corporate world to start a business, doing ground work can be difficult and though my dear mentee sometimes gets impatient with the process, she is never afraid to get her hands dirty trying to get the job done.

3) She takes selling seriously , when it comes to selling, she does not play. She knows it is one thing to create a product and another to sell it, she is always reaching out to sell and that has paid off greatly.
4) When she decided to try out business, she was not quite sure what type of business to do so she looked within her network and identified needs people were willing to pay for. That way people within her circle were first to buy from her and after they did, they referred her to other customers.

5) She’s very pro active ; she usually anticipates the next move even while still dealing with the present one.

6) She prays for spiritual guidance, the only time i saw her hesitate for so long was when she was going to start, she would always say ” i want to do this , i am praying to God for direction, i don’t want to spend time on the wrong things”, she knew no man could give her precise directives like God could.

Its great to closely watch the birthing of this “new born” entrepreneur , she’s work in progress and i hope to share more stories of her progress in the future. 

If you are new to business or looking to start one, I hope you find something in this post that helps push in the right direction, remember it’s all in you….

All the best !!!

Yours truly,
F.O (The Entrepreneur)

P.S –  For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure – Phillippians 2:13

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