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Business diary
Happy New Year !!!
 I feel so alive and refreshed, its amazinggggg .
My last post was in November and though i struggled to put up regular posts these past weeks, i never got to it. December is always a busy time for business and in between i had to deal with an online course that could not wait. I could not handle the many things coming at me so i had to keep some things (including the blog) on hold to avoid getting overwhelmed. I hope to work smarter next time so am able to do more at times like this.
I was unable to fully kick off the year till 14th January, here are the really important things i started off the year with
1)  Reviewing the last year (2017) of business, was supposed to do that at the end of 2017 , din’t have time to . If you will like to do same , hope this post helps –10 ways to end a business year
2) Goal setting for the year
* Personal goals
* Career/ business goals
* Spiritual goals
* Health and fitness (body) goals
* Financial goals.
 Find things i had to do to get my career/business goals right this new year here – New year starter pack for business owners.
 3) Tweaking my vision board; I started my Vision boardjourney last year and its been quite rewarding, however, it can only get better, this year i put up more action plans on my vision board ; there is so much i intend to achieve this year and action plans are to put them in more practical terms for easy execution.
Business diary
Vision board 2017
Vision board 2018
4) Organizing my action plans for the year using the Evernote app; with this app i am able to align plans i have set to timelines ,this way the app sends me reminders and notifications to keep me up to date.
5) Meditation; As a christian, this meditation involved fasting , praying ,meditating on particular scriptures from the bible and confessing those scriptures . This meditation did alot for me which includes
* Clearing my mind
* strengthening my spiritual side
* Stirring up my creativity
* Boosting my confidence
I hope to read more this year (mostly memoirs though) , I picked up a book already – THRIVE By Arianna Huffington  (Co-founder and Editor-in-chief of Huffington post), she was listed as one of the most influential women in the world.
THRIVE : Book by Arianna Huffington
A personal productivity tip from my recently concluded Online course –
 To determine levels of importance when prioritizing tasks, consider the consequences of not accomplishing each of the tasks as at when due, tasks with the greater consequences should be ranked as more important . In order words, what would determine the level of importance of a task is how grave the consequence of not doing the task on time is compared to other tasks.
Hope this helps as you go along the year trying to figure what to do first.
Do share your new year tips with us…
Cheers to a great year !!!
Yours Truly,
F.O (The Entrepreneur).



Business diary

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