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Personal productivity tools

I started having lower back pains sometime last year, this made me change my sitting position and  start posture exercises . The posture exercises have been quite helpful with the pain ; thought to share a few posture exercises for people who might just be having the same issues as me…

Personal productivity tools
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I am all about smart work this year, I struggled with efficiency and effectiveness for the longest time, however over the last 2 years i have discovered ( and rediscovered) personal tools which have been really useful in achieving better focused results with my goals and visions.
I explored a couple of tools before settling for the ones i use, i dumped some tools along the way not because they weren’t useful but simply because they din’t easily fit my lifestyle or the work i was doing.

If you have set out to achieve certain goals this year, i advise you identify personal productivity tools to work with.

Here’s some of mine including how and why i use them, i hope you discover ones that work for you
Evernote : I am so in love with this app, it allows me put down my thoughts anywhere and at anytime so long as i have my phone with me. I  use it to set targets, monitor and update tasks, goals and visions. I also like that i can assess it from other devices aside my phone. When my phone memory wiped out last year ,was bothered i had lost all the important stuff i saved on evernote but once i logged on with a different phone i got it all back.
– Google drive and dropbox; i use these 2 apps to back up and share information ( especially heavy files) with others, whenever i need to free the storage space on my phone, i simply back up my files on google drive and /or dropbox and delete the files from my phone.
– Hootsuite : I use this to schedule posts on my social  media handles all at once, i don’t have to upload the same post separately on different social media platforms, i can do all that at once with hootsuite, which saves me alot of time .
– Vision board : I feel like i have spoken so much about the vision board already, the vision board is a tool that helps my clarify and focus on my goals. You can click here to read previous posts on creating and using a vision board.
– Intuition : There’s no technology for this, its the gut feeling that comes from within me, usually it opposes the clear sense of reasoning or obvious facts. I apply it every now and then when making really important decisions.
personal productivity tools
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– Personal relationships : My personal relationships are invaluable, they contribute hugely to my general well being (mostly spiritually and emotionally); which in turn positively influences the quality of work i do. These relationships have also been very instrumental in driving growth within my business. However developing and managing the right personal relationships matter.
– YouVersion Bible App – With this app ,i have my personal bible with me (on my phone) at all times. I can take notes,copy ,bookmark and do many other stuff on my bible every where i go.
– Duolingo – One of my personal goals over the next few years is to learn languages ; duolingo is an app i have been using for this purpose, its an app that teaches French, Spanish and a couple of languages for free.
Thought to share these tools with you, i hope it helps.
If you wish to boost your personal productivity its important you find the tools that work for you.
Yours Truly,
F.O (The Entrepreneur)

Personal productivity tools

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