Annual programmes for entrepreneurs in Nigeria

Programmes for African entrepreneurs
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Here is a list of annual programmes entrepreneurs in Nigeria can benefit from

1) Diamond Bank Building Entrepreneurs Today (BET) programme is a Diamond Bank initiative .It is done in partnership with Pan Atlantic University Nigeria . The aim of this programme is to train and nurture micro,small and medium scale businesses in Nigeria . 50 budding entrepreneurs are selected across Nigeria and trained in entrepreneurial management over a period of 6 months,at the end of the programme , each participant receives a diploma Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management (CEM) from the university, 5 entrepreneurs are awarded N3million Naira grants as cash injections into their businesses. I am a beneficiary of this programme ,it was truly a life changing experience for me. This programme has been running in Nigeria since 2010, the 2016 edition is yet to open,will keep you posted if and when that happens.

2)Tony Elumelu foundation entrepreneurship programme,This entrepreneurship programme was founded by Tony .o. Elumelu. It is a Pan African entrepreneurship initiative of the Tony Elumelu Foundation. It involves training,funding and mentoring the next generation of African entrepreneurs over a 10 year period. There are 1,000 positions available for entrepreneurs annually for 10 years starting 2015. Entries for this year (2016) were collected between January and March . For more details and updates on this programme please visit

3) Anzisha prize – this programme seeks to award young African entrepreneurs between the ages 15-22 who have developed and implemented innovative solutions to social challenges or started successful businesses within their communities. Entries for 2016 have been received , future applicants are to check the website ( by February 2017 to apply. Fore more information ,please visit

4) Next titan is a Nigerian entrepreneurial reality TV show where 16 talented young entrepreneurs compete in order to earn support and investments for their businesses .Entries for the third season of the show are currently being received .For details ,please visit

5) Seed stars world seeks to promote ,connect and invest up to $1.5million in emerging market start ups in over 65 countries through an exclusive start up competition. It is a switzerland based start up competition that takes place in emerging markets (Nigeria inclusive). The deadline for entries in Nigeria this year is 12th August 2016.These dates vary across the 65 countries. For more details please visit

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