Important tips for product packaging

product packaging
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It is very important that startup companies get their product packaging right, good product packaging is able to boost the brand power of a product and poor packaging can as well have a negative dramatic effect . Entrepreneurs need to consciously and strategically invest time ,energy and resources on developing product that are well distinguished in the market place .

Products should be packaged to be

1) Functional; products should be packaged to
– protect them from damage in transit and on shelves
– allow for easy display on shop shelves (without taking too much space)
-allow for easy and convenient transportation (packaging should be compact)

2) Marketable ; products should be packaged to
-be unique and easily differentiated (make sure your brand logo is visible)from other similar products in their market space.
– communicate core benefits,how to use, how to preserve,weight,contents,nutritional information;
try to provide information that the consumer can understand without calling on the store keeper
– be attractive to consumers and easy to use

3) with information required by law(regulatory bodies) in the country especially regarding health,safety and environment.

4) with Company details such as name of the company,logo,website address,email,telephone number,complementary colours

Here are steps that will help you decide on packaging

– know your target audience ( how to determine your target audience here )
– find out what your competitors are doing
– make the packaging part of the experience of using the product
– design the packaging to look trendy (it does not have to be expensive)
– choose a type of packaging
– work with graphic designers to create a concept
– test and adjust til you get it right

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