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A while ago, my business (alongside many other things in my life) hit rock bottom,  i was faced with a dilemma and even as I considered a couple of options, i realized, quitting can be just as tough as fighting. Here’s few of the many options i considered at that time

1) Getting a 9-5 job; Aside the fact that it had been a while since i left school and had no work experience, I could not find my certificates (very long story) 🙈.
2) Starting a new business ; now that would have required a bright idea,capital and will power which i dint have at that time ( it was such a low point , i was so unsettled and exhausted that i was not thinking straight ).
3) Getting a loan to restart my business; interest rates were high plus i had no collateral ( looking back now, i am thankful all my loan applications dint go through; with the kind of plans i had then i would not have been able to pay back and that would have set me back even further). I got support and personal loans from close friends and family which kept me afloat during this time. 
4) Bringing in investors ; i actually went all out to make this happen , unfortunately my business was not in order to get the kind of investment i sought.

Anyways, all else failed so i had to teach myself to focus on managing resources available to me ( none of which were financial). I had been reading and learning new things about Entrepreneurship ; things i wish i knew earlier on, things i will like young entrepreneurs to know so they don’t end up like me. Entrepreneurship was one of the few things that still excited me at this low point, so I started this blog to share the knowledge i had even as i worked on finding my way back up (I secretly hoped the blog would start making money soon enough). I spent a lot of time dissecting various topics in Entrepreneurship , relating them to my failing business, then sharing on the blog.
Over time, my efforts on this blog started yielding results on my failing business ; sales,turnover and cashflow improved in multiples  and the failing business (Themarketfoodshop) has since then gotten back on its feet.

 I became a guest writer on various platforms to share these lessons and promote the blog , this can be really tasking; i have to combine all i know with personal experiences and loads of research. Recently, i started receiving direct Testimonials from people who have been able to successfully apply lessons from this blog to their business. Below is a screen shot of one

business diary
Biznessvirgin: Testimonial

 It has since become increasingly difficult to write due to time constraints from increased business activities but i am re-dedicated to putting out good quality content knowing this blog helps others just as it helps me. Hopefully, together we are able to multiply this effect.

Here’s a link to the 13 Question article referred to in this testimonial – Frequently asked questions about starting a business

business diary
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There will be a post on costing and pricing this month, look out for it…


Yours Truly,
F.O (The Entrepreneur)

P.S – “The way of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, which shines ever brighter until the full light of day.” – Proverbs 4:18

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